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New Energy

Zongshen’s new energy strategies focus on intellectualization, integration and lightweight. The Company commits itself to an overall transformation from “oil-based power” to “green power”. Zongshen’s new energy development platform aligns with global superior resources to build five major hubs, i.e. motor, electric control, battery, transmission and system integration, so as to construct the core competitiveness in electric drive system as soon as possible.

The Company seeks global cooperation to construct its five business modules, incubate international cutting-edge technologies in new energy field and shoulder the mission of strategic transformation of the Group

With respect to the module of wireless charging, Zongshen invested in Canadian ELIX which has leading wireless charging technologies. Zongshen also invested in Canadian EMV, which has started the mass production of electric tricycles and electric four-wheel automobiles. With respect to the module of transmission system, the Company has cooperated with domestic leading R&D teams which have obtained a dozen of patents in the field of transmissions. In May 2018, the joint venture Chongqing Zongshen Stepless Variable Transmission Co., Ltd was established. The continuously variable transmission of the Company is a pioneer product in China and a cutting-edge product in the world which greatly improves the transmission efficiency of vehicles. With respect to the module of motors, the Company has established a strategic cooperative partnership with a German company for joint R&D of motors with cutting-edge technologies.