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Zongshen Tianchen General Aviation Investment and Development Co., Ltd

Zongshen Tianchen General Aviation Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zongshen Tianchen”) is a general aviation investment control platform initiated and established in 2013 by Mr. Zuo Zongshen, a well-known entrepreneur. Zongshen Tianchen focuses on general aviation and the investment relating to its value chain and aims to integrate the excellent general aviation resources at home and abroad. A leap development of general aviation industry is impossible without mass airport network for general aviation. Under this setting, Zongshen commits to the research of development of seaplane in China. As seaplanes can take off and land on vast lakes, rivers and seas, they can solve the problem of lack of airports for general aviation.

The establishment of Zongshen Tianchen is an important layout made by the Group to transform from traditional manufacturing industry to emerging manufacturing industry. As the lack of airport network for general aviation in China directly restricts the start-up of general aviation industry, Zongshen Tianchen commits to the research of a feasible development route for general aviation in China and has developed a development idea of “starting with the water airports before extension to the land airports”.

A designer of complex system, and integrator of general aviation resources and a manager of investment in general aviation.

  • Canadian Harbour Air Seaplanes

  • Tropic Ocean Airways


    Harbour Air group (hereinafter referred to as "Harbour Air" or the "company") is the major seaplane operator of British Columbia, the company is founded in 1981, has thirty years of history. Provide transportation services for Vancouver to Vancouver island and surrounding coastal communities. Harbour Air Group has grown into the world's largest company of all offshore aircraft. The services of the Harbor Air Group include providing regular annual flights between Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and the Gulf Islands, private charter flights, and charter flights to the southern coast of BC. Harbour Air Group owns 41 aircrafts, which has flights up to 150 times a day during rush hours.

    Seaplane Trip Fly to and from downtown Vancouver, downtown Victoria, Nanaimo Richmond, YVR Airport, Sunshine Coast, Gulf Islands by our fast, economical daily scheduled flights ) or during Whistler (a seasonal flight) you will admire stunning Canada's unique beauty.

    Private chartering Provide flexible charter services for business activities and individuals, and provide solutions for customers' seaplane trips. Service object includes: enterprises that need to provide employees with commuting security due to the needs of projects, individuals pursuing outdoor adventures or vacations in more remote areas. Provide flexible charter services for business activities and individuals, and provide solutions for customers' seaplane trips.

    Customized flight Seaplane trip offers a wide range of travel options to showing the coastline scenery of British Columbia! The trip for 20min to the center of downtown and around the city of Vancouver or Mount Victoria or to add some time to experience the more winding coastline options.


    Established in 2009, Tropic Ocean Airways of the USA has obtained the qualification issued by US Federal Aviation Administration under Part 135 in March 2011. The company is a leader in amphibious transportation industry in South Florida/Bahamas. It provides unfixed air charter services for Florida, Bahamas and New York City. The air charter services account for 70% and fixed flight services account for 30%. Currently, the company has 11 planes.

    Tropic Ocean AirwaysSince its establishment, Tropic Ocean Airways has kept a consummate safe flight record. It has obtained the Argus Gold Rating and maintains a five-star rating at Trip Advisor and other social media platforms.

    Signing agreement with Tropic Ocean AirwaysThe signing ceremony for Zongshen’s investment in Tropic Ocean Airways was held in Fort Lauderdale, USA. The signing of the project agreement will promote further development of Zongshen’s seaplane business in the US and China. Tropic Ocean Airways has added a new domain to Zongshen’s global layout of seaplane business.