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Chongqing Zongshen Motorcycle Industry Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zongshen Motorcycle") is the core enterprise of Zongshen Industrial Group Co. Ltd., is a large comprehensive enterprise which mainly produces and sells fuel motorcycles, electric motorcycle, motorcycle parts, auto parts, IT parts, etc. Currently Zongshen Motorcycle consists of two-wheeled vehicle division, special vehicle division, components and parts companies, technology research and development and other functional units, assets of more than RMB 1.18 billion, with more than 3,000 employees, with an annual output of 4 million fuel motorcycles, electric motorcycles and motor tricycles, and 7 million key components.



The Company has RMB 1.18 billion assets



   3000 employees



an annual production capacity
of 4 million vehicles



7 million parts and components



 a total of 200 varieties

Zongshen Motorcycle adhering to the strategic vision of "global influence and vitality of 100 years" by Zongshen Industrial Group Co. Ltd., actively implement the enterprise mission of "Breaking Through the Demand of Customers and Creating Multi Dimensional Value", adhere to the business philosophy of "The Unique and Excellent, The Honest and Novel", take the road of "Sophisticated Manufacturing, International cooperation and Technology leading", devoted to providing more intelligent, environmental friendly and convenient transportation for the society, establish a complete system of technology research and development, supply chain management, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and other systems, product quality and technical level have always been in the advanced level in China. Zongshen Motorcycle has three major brand products of "Zongshen", "Lizhixing", "Cyclone", has formed products of serialization and universalization with the main body of two-wheeled fuel motorcycles, Zongshen electric motorcycles and Zongshen motor tricycles which are independently designed by Zongshen and own intelligent property right. Products covering: more than 200 varieties of 13 major series of RX、RT、RZ、RK、RE、RC、P、T、C、H、S、W、Y.
  • Cyclone

    Under the new market environment of motorcycles, Cyclone adheres to the enterprising spirit of the new era, work together with internationally renowned motorcycle brand and designing company to form a leading international R & D process with independent intellectual property rights through the most advanced manufacturing technology and high-tech power technology in the world. Continue to launch new and large displacement motorcycle products at high frequency to meet the demand for motorcycle fans, to really realizing created in China and made in China parallel. Change to value orientation on the basis of Zongshen's original scale orientation, make displacement motorcycle market bigger and stronger through the international perspective. Striding towards the high-end blue ocean market of the new era, shape domestic first-class displacement motorcycle brand and speak for Chinese motorcycle of the new era, let "Made in China" be loved by the world.

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  • Cineco

    In 2011, Zongshen fleet formally and fully engaged in world electric motorsport race - TTXGP. This is the world’s first zero carbon emission, green race and Zongshen fleet was China’s only fleet to attend this event. China has fallen behind the world for several decades in fuel motorsport race. However, in the electric motorsport race this time, Zongshen stands in the forefront of the world. At the outset, Zongshen engaged in independent R&D of large power electric motorcycles ZSE001R to attend the race. Its debut stunned the world with extraordinary achievement as it won the third prize in the race. In 2012, Zongshen gave birth to its second generation of large power electric racing motorcycle. In FIM eRoadRacing and FIM Enel MotoE World Cup in the following two years, they won the championship for consecutive two years. This fully proofs that Zongshen has been at the peak of the world in development of large power electric motorcycle and respective technical application.

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  • Zongshen Motorcycle

    The company has a total of 7 motorcycle general assembly lines and testing lines which are capable to manufacture various types of 50CC-250CC motorcycles, including riding motorcycles, cub-type motorcycles, cross country motorcycles, scooters and Harly Scooters. It has a production capacity of 2 million motorcycles. The company is equipped with production workshops for general assembly, stamping and welding, injection molding, coating, wiring harness and seat cushion. In addition, it is backed by the core support of Zongshen Power Co., Ltd which has an annual production capacity of 4 million motorcycle engines. There is also professional transportation company to provide logistics service for transportation of finished vehicles. Furthermore, there are more than 200 manufacturers of motorcycle parts nationwide to provide supporting services for Zongshen Motorcycle. Under the guidelines of lean management and lean production, Zongshen Motorcycle is able to ensure the timely delivery of quality products to users across the country.

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  • Zongshen PIAGGIO

    Zongshen PIAGGIO Foshan Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is a high-tech motorcycle enterprises setting research and development, production, marketing in one, joint-venture reorganized by Italy PIAGGIO Group and China Zongshen Industrial Group in April 2004, the financing amount of first-phase project is RMB 200 million , and the registered capital is USD 29.8 million. The company is located in Zhangcha development zone for high and new technological industry of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, covers an area of 110 thousand square meters.
    Italian PIAGGIO Group was established in 1884 with a hundred years history. It is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe and was dubbed as the father of world scooters. Both of its production and sales of two-wheelers rank first in Europe. In addition to PIAGGIO brand, PIAGGIO Group owns other motorcycle brands, e.g. aprilia, Vespa, Gilera, Derbi and Moto Guzzi. Zongshen Industrial Group is one of the rare motorcycle manufacturers in China which have won both the honors of China Well-known Trademark and China Well-known Brand. The brand value of “Zongshen” is approximate to RMB 7 billion. In 2007, its production and sales volume exceeded RMB 12 billion, ranking first in the industry. Its production and sales volume of engines ranked first for four consecutive years. It is also the only group company which owns two listed companies in the motorcycle industry.

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Global cumulative users 20 million

Zongshen provided the ordinary people with good and convenient means of transportation

The sales of Zongshen Motorcycle ranked on the forefront of the industry from 2001. More than 10000 sales outlets have been set up in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions of china. Overseas market: set up sales companies or offices in the United States, Philippines, Pakistan, Columbia, Nigeria and other countries. Currently international sales network of Zongshen Motorcycle has covered more than 80 countries and regions in the world, and Zongshen has applied for registration of the "Zongshen" trademark or "Zip star" trademark in more than 160 countries, average annual foreign exchange earnings of nearly USD 200 million.

Zong Shen overseas market sales company and office:

Zongshen Motorcycle is one of the first enterprises to obtain "3C" (China Compulsory Certification) vehicle certification in the industry and one of the enterprises with the largest number of single product certification in China's motorcycle industry. At the same time, Zongshen Motorcycle is also the first enterprise in the industry to integrate ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), form an integrated management system and successfully passed the certification.
  • 2003Zongshen Motorcycle passed the examination of national COP products approval on the first try, and became one of the first four motorcycle enterprises passing the examination of COP; 
  • 2011Zongshen Motorcycle first passed the assessment of entry permission for production on site of electric motorcycles, and won the first announcement of electric motorcycle products in China. 
  • 2012Zongshen Motorcycle obtained the certificate of "Work Safety Standardization Machinery II" in China. 
  • 2013The products of Zongshen Motorcycle passed the exemption examination of national new-car registering. The products of IT parts passed the QC08000 certification in 2013. 
  • 2014Passed the UL certification, and supporting many well-known IT enterprises. Zongshen Motorcycle production "Zongshen" motorcycle, the Zongshen trademark of which is identified as "Famous Trademark of China" by relevant authorities, and Zongshen Motorc 
  • 2016We won the honor of "China Quality and Security Model Enterprise of Export". 
  • 2017Zongshen Motorcycle products won the title of "Chongqing Famous Brand"; Zongshen Motorcycle won the honor of "Successful Enterprise Entering ASEAN of China" granted by ASEAN Association. 
  • 2003Zongshen Motorcycle passed the examination of national COP products approval on the first try, and became one of the first four motorcycle enterprises passing the examination of COP; 
  • 2007Zongshen fleet of China represented China to participate in "Asian Cup" Road Motorcycle Championship again and won the runner-up in Shanghai, third place in Japan. 
  • 2008Zongshen fleet of China represented China to participate in "Asian Cup" road race, won the excellent results of third place of the year. Since then, Zongshen fleet of China has been racing on the international motorcycle field for ten years. 
  • 2009Won the third place of the year of Asian Cup highway motorcycle Championship for two consecutive years. 
  • 2011Zongshen Motorcycle first passed the assessment of entry permission for production on site of electric motorcycles, and won the first announcement of electric motorcycle products in China. 
  • 2011Won the third place of the year of Asian Cup highway motorcycle Championship for two consecutive years. 
  • 2012Zongshen fleet of China won the championship of FIM e-POWER and TTXGP in Oschersleben, Germany, boarding the peak of the world's electric car movement. 
  • 2013Zongshen fleet of China Involved in the European Series of the FIM eRoadRacing World Cup, and win the Championship in Spain, Germany and France invincibly.