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Chongqing Zongshen Aero Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Officially established on Sep. 27, 2016, Chongqing Zongshen Aero Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zongshen Aero Engine) is an enterprise engaged in design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service as well as other integrated businesses of aero engines. The company is located in Zongshen Industrial Park in Banan District of Chongqing, with total floor area of 5,400 m2. With an overall investment of RMB 150 million, the company focuses on providing power equipment for navigation plane and unmanned plane as well as other aero vehicle with rotor wings and fixed wings. The company plans to cover 2-400HP aerospace power series and become the top service provider of power system for unmanned plane and navigation plane within 3~5 years under the corporate philosophy of “Unique, Perfect, Honest and Advanced”, on the basis of mature supply chain foundation of Zongshen Industrial Group and in combination with 25-year engine R&D experience and manufacture capability of Zongshen Power team.

Core businesses
  • Innovative R&D

  • Maintenance, lease and consultation

  • C20-F aviation engines
    applicable to aircrafts for agricultural and plant protection, Delta powered parachutes and powered parachutes

    C145 aviation engines
    applicable to unmanned aerial vehicles, light fixed-wing aircrafts, and helicopters

    C330 aviation engines
    applicable to unmanned aerial vehicles, light fixed-wing aircrafts

    applicable to ultra-light aircrafts and unmanned aerial vehicles

  • production, design, manufacturing




Development history
  • 2014 July the Company entered the “Trial Manufacture Agreement” with Tianjin Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute. The Company established the TD0 project group and formally entered into the aviation field.
  • 2015 April the TD0 aviation engine, which was independently developed by the Company, made a successful maiden flight in Dunhuang.
  • 2016 May C115 aviation engines passed the flight test at the altitude of 6000 meters.
  • 2016 September Zongshen Aero Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established.
  • 2016 October the aviation engine production line was completed.
  • 2017 April C20 engine which was installed on a two-seat aircraft made a successful test flight.
  • 2017 June C115 engine was installed on “Hawk of the Sun” aircraft of Sun Hawk (Henan) Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. and made a successful flight. After then, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed.
  • 2018 March Han Zhikai, the Commander of Chongqing garrison command paid a visit to Zongshen for research.
  • 2018 June Zongshen Aviation Engine attended the 13th China Chongqing Hi-tech Fair and the 9th China International Exhibition of Military and Civil Technologies.
  • 2018 June Luoyang Economics School of He'nan Province and Chongqing Zongshen Aviation Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have completed the Cooperation Signing and Aviation Engine Delivery Ceremony.