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  • Zongshen E-Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Germany KE signed a joint venture memorandum, which is another milestone in the "Transforming Oil to Electricity" strategy transition of Zongshen. At an airport in the west, Wing Loong I-D, the first multi-purpose UAV fully made of composite materials, made a successful maiden flight, being fitted with Zongshen C145 aviation piston engine powertrain assembly (including ZP1870 variable pitch propeller).


  • Zongshen’s cross-border integration platform strategy of industrial ecology begins to take shape as the industrial Internet innovation platform, the automobile and motorcycle intelligent supply chain platform and the shared platform for intra-city immediate distribution have been established successively.


  • Mr. Zuo Zongshen was elected as the Chairman of the CAAM Motorcycle. The grand conference centered on the brand strategy and new products release of Zongshen Motor was held. Chongqing Zongshen Aero-Engine Manufacturing Co., Limited was founded. Zongshen Industrial Group became the second large shareholder of Chongqing Fuming Bank ( the first private bank in the Midwest of China). The navigation operation platform of Zongshen Tianchen Company was settled down in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu.


  • Zongshen Industrial Group made a merge and acquisition to the Canada Habour Air —the largest seaplane operator in the world. Under the collaboration between Zongshen Industrial Group and Belarus Homely Machinery Company, the industrial park of large agricultural machinery and equipment started construction in Hebei. With the TDO engine designed and produced by Zongshen, the military UAV “No.3 Rainbow” made a successful trial flight. By making a merge and acquisition to Chongqing Automobile Motorcycle Exchange and Yishang Technology Company, Zongshen’s strategic structure “Industry-Finance-Network” has basically taken shape.


  • The first electric vehicle manufactured by Zongshen Vietnam rolled off the production line, representing a new milestone for Zongshen Vietnam to realize business transformation.


  • President Zuo Zongshen was elected to be the member of the 12th National Committee of CPPCC. Construction of new Technology Center of Zongshen was commenced. Zongshen Group and Canada British Columbia Institute of Technology signed cooperation memorandum to launch a research of applicable technology of liquefied natural gas.


  • Zongshen Group won the National Labor Award. The new factory of Zongshen (Thailand) Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd was completed and put into commercial operation.


  • Zongshen Power won the Mayor Quality Management Award of Chongqing. Zongshen Group became the first company winning the qualification of producing electric bike in China.


  • New head office building of Zongshen Group was put into operation. Zongshen Power City, Zongshen Selva, etc. were sold well. Real estate business became another new growth area in profit of the Group.


  • Zongshen Group won the “Award for Unit (company) with Prominent Contribution to China’s Charity Career “and the title “Top Ten Charity Enterprises of Chongqing”.


  • Zuo Zongshen became a member of National Committee of CCPPC. Brazil CR Zongshen Co., Ltd. was founded. Zongshen Group was elected to the rank of Top 500 Enterprises of China, at 419th position.


  • Orientation program of ZongshenPower and PEM was successful and nearly RMB 1 billion yuan was financed from capital market. The list "2006 Most Market-Competitive Brand List", containing 22 brands was released by State Ministry of Commerce and Zongshen Brand was one of them. Zuo Zongshen was awarded the title of "Top Ten Leaders in 2007 Chinese Manufacturing Industry" by Asia Association of Manufacturers.


  • Zongshen was among the first session of top 500 competitive enterprises and groups released by State Statistics Bureau. Zuo Zongshen was given the title of "Ten Prominent Innovators in China’s Manufacturing Industry".


  • The test center of Zongshen Group was recorded in the National Laboratory List. The stock (Zongshen PEM) of Zongshen PEM Power System Inc. was formally marketed in TSXV of Canada.


  • The stock name was changed into "Zongshen Power". Technology Center of Zoneshen Group became the State –recognized Enterprise (Group) Technology Center. Zongshen Group and Piaggio Group of Italy formally signed a joint-venture agreement.


  • Zongshen Motorcycle Science & Technology had its name changed into Zongshen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd. under Chongqing General Chamber of Commerce, which was joint-ventured by Zongshen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and other parties, was founded, indicating the entrance of Zongshen into the financial industry.


  • Zongshen was given the No.1 certificate on Chinese motorcycle engine "CCC" certification.


  • Zongshen Industrial Park laid the foundation for work start; Took over Chengdu Lianyi Industry, a listed company ("ST Lianyi").


  • Zongshen Motorcycle Racing Team was set up in Beijing, Zuo Zongshen won the “Award of Outstanding Contribution in Revitalizing Chongqing”.


  • Zongshen Motorcycle Group was formally set up.


  • Zongshen Automobile’s first motorcycle came off the production line;


  • Zongshen Motorcycle Technology was ranked 23rd in "China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises" .


  • Zongshen Motorcycle Technology was awarded the title of "Outstanding Private Enterprise" by the government of Sichuan province.


  • Chongqing Zongshen Motorcycle Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded.


  • Mr. Zuo Zongshen and his family invested to found a motorcycle garage, starting their business.