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Zongshen Industrial Group looks far and aims high into industrial chains and market trends to have formulated the strategic plan for transformation and upgrade by combining the “industry, finance and network” to develop the industrial chain resources, finance and Internet in a synergized and integrated manner, for the purpose of contributing to building a the hundred-year Zongshen and realizing annual 100-billion-revenue as early as possible! Zongshen Motorcycle Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adheres to the strategic planning of the Group to integrate motorcycle industrial chain, industrial finance and Internet platform resources and has successfully yielded an industry, finance and network combined innovation project - Chongqing Wubida Network Technology Co., Ltd., which lays a firm foundation for the sustainable innovation and development of Zongshen Motorcycle.Welcome to Wubida's Website>>
Chongqing Wubida Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Wubida Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a new industrial Internet company co-invested by Zongshen Industrial Group and Jiabangou Technology. Its subordinate Knight Planet is an industrial Internet platform based on Internet city short-distance delivery service network, intelligent motorcycle Internet of Things, offline charging and battery swap, and multi-network integration to realize cross-boundary development of industry, Internet and finance. The platform improves the business efficacy of the whole society by raising and converting the ability and link method of users, vehicles, orders, merchants, service partners and multiple sorts of business elements to form a unique win-win business ecosystem.

Knight Planet realizes deep linkage to core population through Internet offline charging and battery swap, intelligent motorcycle Internet of Things, and offline entity service management business network. It establishes a closed loop ecosystem with core population from material to spiritual demands. As the ecosystem keeps expanding, value resources are gathered to output new style of business.

It is believed that Wubida and Knight Planet under it will comprehensively integrate logistics, businesses, capital flow, and information resources in the near future to form a comprehensive city short-distance delivery sharing eco-chain, which will then contribute to the strategic transformation and upgrade of the Group.

Knight Planet in-store exhibition

Knight Planet in-store exhibition

Knight Planet battery swap cabinet exhibition