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Chongqing Wubida Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Chongqing Wubida Network Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial Internet service platform for digital retail empowerment under Zongshen Group. Since coming into operation in May 2019, it has served tens of thousands of retail users, and its users spread all over the country. Relying on Zongshen's industrial resources, the Company promotes the construction of industrial Internet with the integration of “industry + data + supply chain + capital”, transforms traditional circulation channels with the mode of “store + Internet + warehousing and distribution + shared leasing”, strives to realize the informationization, digitization and intelligence of the whole industry chain, and is moving toward a first-class industrial interconnection ecosystem.

First episode of digital intelligent retail: Online
Wubida- a new industrial Internet retail mode for the motorcycle industry
Second episode of intelligent retail: Digitalization - The Internet evens up information, while data will reshape business.
Third episode of digital intelligent retail: intelligence
Big data + AI as well as intelligent algorithm + supercomputing power will promote the industry to really achieve
intelligence (intelligent production, intelligent products, intelligent services, and intelligent ecological synergy).
Main product - channel layer / consumer layer
Wubida retail APP
Help all levels of channel providers of the automobile and motorcycle industry chain to establish an exclusive one-stop digital intelligent management system, liberate manpower from management, realize online sharing of channels, digital sharing of supply chains, and online collection of all categories, and construct an industrial platform ecology.

-Online store: be able to display more products and allow users to understand goods online through WeChat;

-Digital intelligent management: one-stop management of own online and offline stores through the exclusive APP;

-Information technology-based purchase: the Purchasing Mall can provide multi-brand and multi-category products and help merchants to purchase through its channels;

-Exclusive financial services: reduce capital occupation, expand re-operation, and help merchants increase revenue;

-Shared leasing: help merchants to expand new business, allow both rent and sale, and revitalize inventory vehicles;

-O2O purchase experience: meet a variety of purchase needs through one-stop. Enjoy a consumer loan with one click and easily complete purchase.

Main product - industrial layer
Wubida central data platform
“Wubida central data platform”: provide data monitoring and operation guidance in the whole course of production, sales and management for production enterprises of the industrial layer.