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360HUMI is established under the background of global industrial revolution dedicated to gathering global industrial resources, being a new industrial service platform with the most characteristics of industrial landmark. Relying on the “Internet+” mode, it links global industrial resources to build a global industrial networking platform and global new industrial ecology.

Services of 360HUMI

World leading new industrial service platform

Industrial service
full-link ecosystem from industrial design, industrial manufacturing to channel marketing
  • Industrial design

    thousands of designers with hundreds of international industrial design awards; systematic design in appearance, structure, line, etc.; verification of design and technology synergized in the whole process

  • Sample making

    stamping, high-speed milling CAD/CAE/CAPP/CAM integrated mould/die manufacturing, research and development joined by Huangyan Aojie, Sanquan, Rixing and dozens of national leading mould/die manufacturers

  • Mould/die making

    3D printing, module welding, CNC and fast sample trial manufacturing with hundreds of trial assembly lines to meet the trial manufacturing of product samples

  • Manufacturing

    With dozens of production lines , hundreds of supporting producers, the platform can quickly match production line that meets the technologies to reduce cost

  • Small lot order

    synergize process planning and simulation verification to realize fast verification and revision of small lot assembly

Enterprise service
it derives from industrial link, supports in turn the industrial chain, realizes strict closed loop to support enterprises, and promotes the industrial development of enterprise
  • Intellectual property

    it covers 6 major core businesses of trademark, patent, copyright, case, high-tech enterprise verification, and project application, and builds a industrial ecological chain of Internet+ intellectual property in a systematic way. The Company has a high-level professional service team to provide customers with professional solutions to intellectual properties

  • Finance and tax

    provide efficient, professional and systematic financial and tax guarantees for enterprises lacking financial and tax planning expert, lacking financial and tax service team, weak in financial and tax planning awareness and hard to interpret industrial policies on finance and tax

  • Patent transaction

    provide business of technology and project combination with clear service channels integrating innovation; improve the utilization rate of resources related to technologies, reduce the development and transaction cost, motivate the commercialization of research findings and development of technological trading service industry, promote industrial structural adjustment and optimize resource allocation

Shared service
solve the existing problems on utilization rate of industrial link resources and provide industrial energy efficiency by multi-dimensional shared services
  • Equipment sharing

    focus on equipment based sharing services to realize win-win of industrial link enterprises in supply and demand. Match the optimal production line capacity through standardization and production technology algorithms, and establish complete closed-loop combining force for industrial ecological chain

  • Talent sharing

    unite industrial associations, colleges and technological development institutes of renowned enterprises to build Humi Academy - a sharing platform that solves enterprise brand building, patent application and technological discussion and opens professional courses with the help of nearly a thousand of industrial and technical R&D talents team of Zongshen Group

  • Space sharing

    the Management Committee of Chongqing High-tech Zone, Chongqing Jiulongpo District Government and Zongshen Industrial Group Co, Ltd. co-build the 6000m2 entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration space at the intersection of urban traffic network located in Chongqing Daping CBD and Chongqing Headquarters Economic Zone

Enterprise advantage
integrated intelligent industrial platform
56 product standards,7 key milestones,183 key missions,266 findings reports,and whole-process quality control system;40 major industrial experts,hundreds of frontline operators and analysis based on technology,production and market feasibility, and professional industry and finance team from ideas to approval of project.
  • Production

    hundreds of varieties of production chain and thousands of supportive production enterprises

  • Industrial design

    nearly 10 thousand designers and thousands of international industrial design awards

  • Equipment sharing

    gather 500,000+ idle equipment nationwide

  • Brand marketing

    get through dual IPs in brand design + marketing channel that gathers Suning.com, Chongqing General Trading Group, CMCC Chongqing and other more than 30 socialized distribution channels

  • More

    multiple advantages

Service mode
Excellent Cases

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