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Focus on financing credit enhancement services in automobile & motorcycle industrial chain Relying on settlement e-commerce and financing credit enhancement license, it builds the channels for financial institutions to reach medium and small enterprises, and improves the financial service efficiency of financial institution for core enterprises’ upstream and downstream, used car dealers and market, fittings manufacturer and repair factories and other medium-, small-size and micro enterprises. Provide the upstream and downstream of core enterprises , used car dealers and market and automobile after services with overall solutions of system + settlement + finance + data

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September 2015 Zongshen Group completed the reorganization of the exchange

2016-06 Zongshen Group obtained the approval of settlement-type E-commerce from Chongqing Finance Office and started the relevant business

2016-10 The company name was changed from Chongqing Waitan Automobile and Motorcycle Exchange Co., Ltd. to Chongqing Automobile and Motorcycle Exchange Co., Ltd.

2017-12 The gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the whole year exceeded RMB 2.5 billion

2018-08 AutoCloud after service platform was launched and the gross merchandise volume (GWV) in 2018 exceeded RMB 7 billion

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